The Urban Birder Digiscoping and Phonescoping day course

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Photography has now become a big part of nature observation. Just take a stroll around any nature reserve and you will see people hauling huge DSLR
cameras with humongous lenses. Just to own such equipment would cost an arm and a leg – or two! The next step down from owning one of those
expensive beasts is to possess one of the array of bridge cameras now currently available. Much more compact and lightweight than their mighty DSLR
cousins they still pack a good punch in the photographic stakes.
But what if your photographic equipment only spans to a smartphone or a compact camera – is it possible to take amazing wildlife images?
The answer that question is a resounding YES! By putting your compact camera or smart phone on the end of a telescope – known digiscoping and
phonescoping (or phonography as it is also known) respectively – you will effectively be able to take pictures using a long lens. The results will astound you.
Most components of this course will be held outdoors in the feld so please dress accordingly to the season. Always dress warmer than what the day
appears to be because hours in the feld can be surprisingly chilly. Also, try to wear adequate footwear as it could get muddy or slippery.

To learn how to master this skill join Paul Hackett, one of the UK’s (and indeed, the world’s) leading bird digiscopers on our new Urban Birder Digiscoping & Phonescoping Day Course. He has pioneered many of the techniques that are used in the feld today and will gladly teach you how to take stunning images.
The Urban Birder Digiscoping & Phonescoping Day Course will be a great introduction to capturing the images birds that you have always dreamt about.
Aimed at beginners, the course will give you the know how for taking great urban bird images.

Set at the London Wildlife Trust’s picturesque Woodberry Wetlands, you will have a brilliant setting for some amazing photography. Easily accessible by
public transport, this superb 11 hectare urban reserve is home to a large number of species including Great Crested Grebe, Pochard and Cetti’s Warbler
plus many more.
The courses will be held on Saturdays (and occasionally Sundays) starting at 10am fnishing at 2pm and there is a sumptuous café on site for lunch too.

The topics that will be covered include
 A general look at kit
 Setting up your compact camera/smart phone for photography
 Framing and focusing tricks
 How to fnd subjects to photograph
 Videoing birds
 Processing your images
 Above all it will be fun, irreverent, factual and educationalTUBW – The Urban Birder Digiscoping & Phonescoping Day Course 3

About your guide
Is a keen birder with a passion for photography and fabulous people skills. He is the digiscoping consultant for Kowa UK, an
Ambassador for Panasonic/Lumix and a RSPB photography volunteer.
In this course Paul will use his amazing birding images and video to discuss how to create great bird and wildlife photography
with outdoor practical workshops (weather permitting).
He uses bird spotting scopes to achieve his images and will share his techniques, the best way to set up the camera/mobile
Paul Hackett phone and great accessories to help achieve the shot.

Equipment needed
Please bring your smart phones and compact cameras with batteries fully charged to avoid disappointment
Most of the components for this course will be held outdoors so please wear clothes appropriate to the season. Always dress warmer than what the day
appears to be because hours in the feld can be surprisingly chilly. Also, try to wear adequate footwear as it could get muddy or slippery.
If you have a telescope please bring it along as we only have a few loan telescopes. Any telescope used for birding will be adequate as we will have a number
of universal attachment fttings for compact cameras and smart phones.
Please inform us if will be bringing your own telescope at the time of booking.

Basic Information
  Time 10am – 2pm
 Group size up to 15 participants
 Locations are subject to change if factors like adverse weather conditions or trafc problems dictate
  Please contact The Urban Birder if you have any queries. Email: