Filming & Photography

Encompassing 11 hectares of stunning natural beauty and taking in panoramic views across the reed beds and man-made reservoir to the city on one side and towers of urban development on the other, Woodberry Wetlands is visually a location like no other in London.

With its array of wildlife habitats from wildflower meadows and tall grasslands to dense woodland and hedgerow, it has an otherworldly feeling of countryside although located in the heart of the city. In parts there are rolling green lawns and wide pebbled terraces and in others unkempt footpaths through the over growth. It not only features an open lake-like water body surrounded by tall reeds, but a babbling brook-like river along its length.  As a site dating back to the 18th century, it also features a unique range of architecture from its early 19th century Grade II listed Coal House to the modern skyscrapers of Woodberry Down adjacent to one side of it.

With its location only half a mile from Stoke Newington Church Street, there are two architecturally profound gothic churches and a visually preserved village high street literally within walking distance.

Not only does Woodberry Wetlands offer a diverse range of locations, but is supported by infrastructure, such as 3 phase power, service entrances and parking, toilets and catering facilities to support film and photography crews and equipment.

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